About us

Royal Capital Investment DOO is company formed in 2020 with goal of merging investor capital and investing it in order to make profits. As clients are our biggest priority, our business model is completely client-oriented, this is why we tailor made perfect investment packages which should suit every investor.

In Serbia and Balkan region there are only traditional investment funds which do not have wide spectrum of investment opportunities. This is why Royal Capital investment is the first company in this region which is working on the same way as most successful Wall Street hedge funds.

Our main qualities are youth and experience. We have a team of experts with over 5 years experience in finances, markets and macroeconomics. Also, we are proud that our oldest member is 26 years old.

Our Focus

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our top priority, this is why we are focusing on adapting to the clients needs in any occasion.

Long term success

We are always focusing on long term partnerships and success, as we believe this is the most important thing in financial sector.

Official Information


Royal Capital Investment DOO Belgrade

Kneza Mihalia 30, 5. floor

CEO Mladen Andrejić

CTO Nikola Petrović

VAT 112057899

Inc nr. 21599069

Bank Raiffeisen Banka

IBAN RS35 2651 0000 0025 5740 04

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