Cookie Policy

1. Definitions

ROYAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT DOO, Kneza Mihaila 30, 11108 Beograd – Stari Grad, (in further text: „CAPITAL: Investment”, „we”, „us”, „ours”) is legal entity which runs website :

Personal data – data which are connected to persons who can be identified in some point.
User – visitor of the website.
Client – person who uses our services.
User data – data which by accepting the policy user agrees to be used for improving the user experience.
Cookies – small and simple files which are stored in the web browser of the user while he is active on the website.


2. About us and who controls the data

This webpage is owned by ROYAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT DOO, with headquarters at Kneza Mihaila 30, Beograd – Stari Grad.

CAPITAL: Investment is registered company in Serbia under:

UID: 21599069
VAT: 112057899


3. Respected laws

This web page is designed to respect following local and international laws in terms of protecting data and privacy of the users:

Zakon o zaštiti podataka o ličnosti (Data Protection Act) from 2018. Republic of Serbia
DPA from 1998. United Kingdom
APA from  1998. Australia
GDPR European Parliment


4. What are cookies?

Cookie is expression which represents small and simple files which are collected in web browser of the user while he is active on certain website.
Computer cookie is formally recognized as HTTP cookie, web cookie, internet cookie, or browser cookie. Regardless of it’s name, computer cookie is made out of data. When you visit web page it sends the cookie to your computer. Your PC stores it in the file in your browser (to find it easier search for “cookies” folder).
You can find more details on Wikipedia.

5. What is the purpose of cookies?

Purpose of the cookie is to remember your behavior on the website and help web page track your activity during your visit. Cookies can be very useful, ie. many online retailers use cookies to store items in shopping cart while visitors browse the web page. Without the cookies your shopping cart would be restored every time you open new page on that site.
Web page can also use cookies to see if you have visited the page before.
Different types of cookies track different activity. Cookies are used only when the user actively browses the web page; when he closes the page, cookie session is deleted. Cookie tracking can be used for recording multiple visits to teh same website. Authentication cookies are used to check if the user is signed in and under which username.

6. How we use cookies (which type) and why?

6.1. We use cookies for analytics and performance.

We use only the most necessary cookies which are mandatory for tracking page visits. We use only analytical cookies which are completely anonymous – meaning that we can not discover and uncover identity of the visitor.
We use them to improve user experience and have insights on which areas of the website we need to improve.

7. 3rd party cookies

7.1. Google

We use Google Analytics, which is made by Google Inc. (Address: 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA).
Google Analytics uses cookies which represent textual files on your PC, in order to help web pages how their users are using the website. Information that is generated by the cookie about your usage will be sent to Google which stores them on the server located in the USA.
We need to stress out that on this webpage we use Google Analytics with additional code “gat._anonymizeIp();” which guarantees anonymous IP address collection (aka IP masking).
In this case Google uses short version of the IP address, making the last socket in the IP address completely anonymous for the EU and other countries in EEA (European Economy Area). In extreme cases, Google servers in the USA send and then shorten complete IP address.
In the name of website, Google is using IP address and other data to track your behavior on the webpage, collects insights about activity of the web page for the website owners.
Google does not connect your IP to any other data it posseses.
You can always reject cookie usage in your browser settings. However, keep in mind, that if you do that, you might not be able to use all functions of this webpage.

7.1.1. Disable Google Analytics

You can always disable data collecting (cookies and IP addreses) by Google. All you need to do is install certain Add-On to your browser.
Keep in mind that on this website Google Analytic’s code is already upgraded with “anonymizeIp”, to make sure Google collects anonymous IP addresses.
If you do not wish to be tracked, you can install Google Chrome Add-On.

8. Accepting using of cookies

On your first visit of the website you can choose do you wish to use cookies.
In compliance with GDPR law, user data should be anonymous and in this regard our developers are working on complete use of that law. We are dedicated to have GDPR as priority and it’s been completely enforced on this webpage.

9. Changes of Cookie Policy

CAPITAL: Investment can, if necessary, alter this cookie policy. This cookie policy is made to comply with the latest update of GDPR, which is active since 25.05.2018.
CAPITAL: Investment keeps right to alter this cookie policy to be in compliance with latest updates to the active laws and conscriptions.
We will not actively inform our clients or users about the changes. Instead, we recommend checking this page occasionally to see if any changes are made.
If you think that CAPITAL: Investment does not comply with this cookie policy, please contact us using the page Contact.

Last update: 06. April 2020.

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