Risk level 2/7
Minimal initial investment €20.000
Possibility of additional investments In any given time with new contract.
Investment period Contract defined. 12 months minimum.
Initial investment fee 1%
Additional investments fee 0%
Withdrawal fee 0%
Managing fee 0%

CAPITAL: Fixed is plan with guaranteed fixed interest rate of 10% annually. It is made for the companies that want to invest their profits in order to increase them. Individual investors with higher capital are also eligible for this package.

The main features are low risk, predefined contract period (12 months, 24 months, 36 months, or more), as well as guaranteed interest rate of 10% annually. Additional investments are possible with new contract.




Most of the assets are invested on Forex market, giving us the opportunity to trade any currency pair in the world real time. More than $5b is traded each day on the Forex market.


We also use invested capital to trade stocks of most popular companies around the world, mostly in the USA.

Precious Metals

Trading precious metals is also one of the fields we have a lot of experience in.

The Rest

The rest of the capital we invest in the other available assets, such as oil.

Advantages of investing

Traditional funds use investor’s capital for buying and long-term holding of ETFs and stocks. Because of that fund performance is directly influenced by performance of a stock and fund has no control of it. Hedge funds are regulated by law so that they can invest in multiple sectors including FX market. This means that we can use investment for short selling as well, which brings profit even if value of stock is falling. This is very important in stock-crysis periods (ie. March 2020). During that period traditional funds lost their capital, while CAPITAL: Investment made profits.

Capital Fixed is designed to be completely flexible and to suit your needs. Minimal contract period is 12 months, afterwards you have possibility to:

  • Withdraw all capital and 10% profit.
  • Withdraw the 10% profit and re-invest initial deposit for another 12 months.
  • Withdraw 10% profit and some part of initial investment and re-invest the rest.
  • Re-invest initial deposit and the profit of 10%.

If you are investing on long term, initial investment for next year is automatically increased by the 10% profit from previous year.

Capital Fixed is made for the companies that want to invest their profits in order to increase them. Individual investors with higher capital are also eligible for this package.

It is known that successful people don’t work for money, but their money works for them. Excess capital not being utilized for investing will eventually loose it’s value due to inflation. Investing smartly will increase your capital on daily basis.

Our experts are following markets closely everyday seeking the best investment opportunities. This is why we stay above competitors when capital diversification is taken into account and we are also lowering the risk because capital is in different market areas.

For investing in our packages you need no knowledge. Our experienced team is taking care of your capital and making profits.

With CAPITAL: Investment liquid packages, your assets with profits are available in any given moment. They will be credited to your account upon request within 5 days.

Start investing now. All information on how to invest with us can be found here.

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