How to start investing?

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Here we will explain in detail the process of investing with CAPITAL: Investment. Please read carefully following guides and feel free to contact us if you have any questions before investing.

This process is only for liquid packages. For fixed packages contract needs to be signed and personal contact is required.

Starting Step

We always insist on personal contact and meeting with partners before they start investing, in order to create good relationship. However, if you do not have opportunity to visit us, you can skip this step.

First Step

In order to start investing, you need to fill in Joining Form, sign it and send it to us via email

Alongside Joining Form, you will need to send us some more documents.

Download Joining Form HERE.
Download list of required documents HERE.

Second Step

Upon processing of the request, our team will e-mail you all the information about how to deposit your capital.

Third Step

As soon as deposit is confirmed, you will receive the confirmation e-mail and your investment is started.

Also, as long as your capital is with us, between 1. and 5. in month you will receive the e-mail with funds performance from previous month.

Fourth Step

Step four is withdrawal. You can decide to withdraw your assets any time. Of course, flexibility is possible, meaning that you can withdraw only part of the assets or complete capital.

We need you to fill in the Withdrawal Request Form. You can fill in the Withdrawal Request Form in our offices or send it to us via e-mail

Download Withdrawal Request From HERE.


*Upon processing of the request, we will send funds to your bank account within 5 days.

Do you want to invest your capital with CAPITAL: Investment?